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LineGuide - Transmission Towers

Your complete solution for power grid inspections, repairs, and team member safety.

LineGuide Application Mockups
Build Surveys, Inspections, and Repairs

LineGuide is a cloud-native application designed to support your geo-spatial inspection and repair requirements.  Developed using modern frameworks, our platform is smarter, more secure, and more effective than anything on the market for lineman enablement.  Ensure your organization’s effectiveness and your team's safety today.

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Why LineGuide?

Plan Transmission Inspections

Plan Your Line Inspection

Transmission Line Inspections

Perform Line Inspection

Insection Reports

Create Inspection Reports

Planning is half the job. You need to do it right. With LineGuide, it only takes you a few clicks to select the transmission lines that need inspection and/or repair, view inspection history, and identify any safety hazards. Did we mention there’s no need for you to carry a clunky laptop around anymore?

Just a few words: fully customizable inspection engine; offline mode for hard to connect locations; and auto-synchronization of status conditions. In short, perform power line inspections like a pro. Capture images and dictate notes to improve quality of your inspections.

Now that you have completed your inspection, it is time to file a report. Isn’t this your favorite part? It will be with LineGuide. Enjoy our user-friendly web portal where reports are created and archived.  While you are there, you can easily administer your line inventory.  

Navigate to Line Object

Navigate to
Line Object

Still mapping out inspections using paper maps?  LineGuide features an up-to-date system that will take you exactly where you need to be — by car or by helicopter. Why not make your life easier?

Repair Power Line

Repair Line


Your field-based team members can view all repairs that need to be completed from a single LineGuide screen. Inspection images and notes are also available to improve accuracy of needed supplies and tools.  Let's get that power back on.

Hazard and Collision Warning

Avoid Safety


Since many power inspections nowadays are performed using aircraft, we made sure LineGuide provides next generation safety features like  collision avoidance and audio alerts. Reduce risk of line crossings, cell towers, and endangered species.

Construction Survey

Conduct Construction Surveys

Support your construction and survey crews as they build new lines.  Confirm pole locations and type; determine build activities; identify; tag key locations for your construction job. All done quickly and effortlessly through the innovative LineGuide platform.

Cloud-Native Power Line Inspection Application

Cloud-Native Application

So what does working with a cloud-native application mean? All data is instantly accessible on the platform; safely stored online and optimized for easier, more effective use. Of course, everything is available from both mobile and web applications

World Class Support
Secure Power Line Critical Infrastructure Information

Secure Critical Information

Invest in World-Class Support

 NERC-CIP compliant; or at least we think we are. Have you actually read that whole thing? How safe can anything really be when stored online? All LineGuide data is encrypted both while in transit and when it is "at rest" and stored in our databases. We’ve utilized modern security controls to ensure information is accessible only by those with the correct authorization.

Need assistance? The LineGuide Operations team is here for you.  You can contact our operations team, and we will get your issue resolved toot sweet.  

LineGuide Build Survey

Optimization leads to productivity, and that’s important.  But, let’s not forget convenience. Let’s not forget the feeling of ticking off all your tasks faster, of your clients being happy with your service, and of your employees getting back home on time. The feeling of doing the job the right way.


And there is a right way: let LineGuide guide you through it.

LineGuide Web App

Despite the specifics of the fast-paced energy industry — or maybe precisely because of them — power companies need to be more efficient and responsive today than even before.  As regulations become more stringent, customers more discerning, and employees desirous of better working conditions, you will need to incorporate technology in the way you do things... and if you are going to use technology, why not use the best?

LineGuide iPad

Accuracy means less rework and saving money.  With LineGuide, information on surveys, inspections, and repairs is automatically synchronized.  The last thing you need is for your team members to receive confusing, out-dated, and incorrect information.  Equip your team members with LineGuide and help them be more productive.  We have invested hours upon hours in creating an accurate, error-free system that will meet and exceed your requirements.

Give your team the LineGuide advantage
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